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China Work Visa Application process for Nigerians

This article was written from the author’s personal experience and events surrounding his application around September – November 2018. Please note that the author is not affiliated with the Chinese embassy both in Nigeria and in China, and the steps written here are subject to change at any time.

Document needed

1. Non-criminal certificate. - notarized, authenticated and legalized.
2. Work experience certificate at least two years of experience, should be related to your job in China (English teachers with either TEFL/TESOL can skip this).
3. Degree certificate to be used (Undergraduate or Postgraduate). - Notarized, authenticated and legalized..
4. Weac / Neco result (needed at the ministry of Education in Abuja) has to be notarized and authenticated in Abuja.
5. Medical report from either the city in China you are to work from or a general hospital in Nigeria, form can be gotten online.
6. International Passport (with more than 6 months validity).
7. 6 Passport photographs.
8. TEFL/TESOL certificate, notarized, authenticated and legalized. (only applicable for teaching positions).
9. Application Form (most likely going to be filled by your agent in China).
10. HSK degree if available.
11. Employment Contract.

Steps by you in Nigeria

• Obtain a non-criminal certificate

I got mine done in Lagos, but for those outside Lagos, just visit the nearest police department to ask. If you are in Lagos, just go to the Central Criminal Registry unit at Alagbon and ask them there. It is used to make ensure no crime has been done in your name and it can only be issued and used for one country. You have to go in person. To get this, all you need is your passport and processing fee, I paid 6,000 naira for mine but some people paid as much as 10,000 in my presence, try to negotiate well. I got mine in less than an hour. Make sure it is stamped by the Central Criminal Registry and the back section that includes where you are traveling to be stamped by the registrar of CIID Lagos. A lady was denied legalization due to this.

• Notarization and authentication required documents.

The documents that need to go through this process are your non-criminal certificate, your Weac or Neco result, your degree (undergraduate or postgraduate) obtained in Nigeria and your English certification (for those going to teach English). The copies of each documents are to be notarized, authenticated and legalized except for the non-criminal certificate which has to be done on the original copy.

Again, ALL notarization, authentication of educational documents MUST be done on photocopies. Only for the non-criminal certificate is the original needed.

First you notarize, any notary public officer or lawyer in any state can help you with the notarization of your documents, try to make sure a red seal is included. Then, for the authentication, it has to be done in Abuja at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This step can be completed for you by a third-party if you wish. You can send the documents over to a friend or relative in Abuja and he/she can help you take it to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Abuja. For your school certifications obtained in Nigeria, you are required to first get them authenticated at the Ministry of Education in Abuja before taking them to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Your Weac/Neco result would be needed at the Ministry of Education and you would be required to purchase a scratch card for verification. The authentication at both Ministry of Education and Ministry of Foreign Affairs can be completed in a day if you go early enough. It only takes a few hours. The cost of authenticating a document at either ministry is 300 naira per document, but you might be told to pay more due to….well, Nigeria being Nigeria. Payment might have to be made via Remita (can be done at any bank, all you need is a code). After the ministry of Education has authenticated (authentication is normally just a signature and a seal on the document) your school certification, you are required to take them together with your non-criminal certificate to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for another round of authentication which would be still around 300 naira per documents.

• Legalization of required documents.

This step can be done either at the embassy in Abuja or at the consulate in Lagos. I would personally advise you to do it in Abuja, since your documents would be in Abuja at this time and to save time. You are required to download the legalization form online from the Chinese embassy website, fill it with a computer and print it. You are also required to write an application letter stating what documents and why you need them legalized.
In Lagos, submission can be done any day of the week and your documents would be ready by Friday the following week, collections are done on Fridays. In Abuja, submission are done on Tuesdays and Thursdays between 3pm-5pm and collections are mostly 4 to 5 days later in the morning. Legalization is done at 8,400 naira per document (per paper leaf). The non-criminal certificate is most likely going to be considered as three documents.

Applying for the Foreign Work Permit in China.

This step is done by your HR or agent in china after all required documents have been sent to them in China. Some require the hard copy while others can do with soft copies (I had to send the hardcopy because I’m in Beijing. But I made copies before sending). This process can take 2-3 weeks. Once it is completed, they will send a PDF with all the approved documents (including your permit) - which you can print and take to the Chinese Embassy / Consulate to submit along with your Chinese working z-visa application.
Medical verification is also required, you can send the medical report you got from Nigeria to your HR or agent in China and they can help you with the verification (this step would come in handy when you arrive China).

Applying for Z-visa in Nigeria (You).

After you receive the electronic copy of your work permit from China, you are required to use it along with other relevant documents to apply for z-visa at the embassy location of your choice (you are required to tell your agent or HR in China your desired visa center location for z-visa application in Nigeria, either Lagos or Abuja). Please note that, the visa center is different from the embassy in Abuja and also different from the consulate in Lagos. Please visit here to access the quick links to the visa centers in Nigeria.
The next step is to fill out the Chinese working visa application form online from their website and take the documents to the visa center you chose. You would be ask to pick a date also online for submission/application of the documents. On that day, you make payment for the visa fee and they would go through your documents and make sure they are complete. You can go any day, you might be lucky to get in to the visa center.
Please take the following documents to apply for Z visa at the visa center you chose.
1. Completed visa application form (you should fill this out online in advance and print it).
2. One recent passport-size photo.
3. Actual passport (the passport should be the same one you sent us to process your work permit).
4. Work Permit (provided by the employer in China).
5. Employment contract.
6. All documents you sent to China for the work permit (I made photocopies before I sent mine).
7. Flight ticket booking reservation (do not pay).
8. Bank statement ( not too important, since you are going for work).
9. Any other required documents.
After the submission and application, a slip which you’ll use to book an interview date will be given to you. You go back to the visa center online site, apply for an interview. Take all your documents with you during the interview and be confident. You submit your passport if you pass the interview and a date would be given to you for collection. You get your passport back on the given day, and you are ready to go to China.

On arrival in China.

• Temporary Registration

Expats staying in a hotel may be able to register there, but those staying with a Chinese resident, even if they are foreign nationals, will have to register at the local police station that governs in your apartment area. Some cities require expats to do this after every trip they make out of the country.
You need to present the following to register at the police station:
1. Your actual passport.
2. Housing contract.
3. Landlord’s ID copy and contact number (the police may call the landlord to confirm if you are actually living there. The police station may also ask your landlord to show up with you).
*According to the regulation, expat must register at the police station within 24 hours after entering into China.

• Medical verification

International Travel Healthcare Centers are located in every city of China. Generally speaking, Chinese authorities will not accept the English version of the medical report from other countries, so it must be translated into Chinese. Most importantly, they need to verify your medical check report meets their official criteria.
A Chinese staff member from your company can assist you with the medical verification if your medical has fully competed at your home country. If not full completed, you will need to get another medical check in China.
Things to bring with you:
1. Original medical check report from your country.
2. Money in cash (100-600RMB).
3. One photo.

• Work Certificate

This must be done before you obtain the Resident Permit. The company’s Chinese staff can help get this for you at the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security, typically it is required to present/submit the following documents:
1. Your actual passport (it will be returned after the authority confirmed the entry date from your passport).
2. one photo (all photos are the have the requirements) .
3. Police registration from .
4. Medical report verification.
5. Other documents from the company.
* It usually takes 5 business days to process, (the processing time for system approval is not included).

• Resident Permit

You must appear in person at the local PSB (Public Security Bureau) in China and bring the following:
1. You actual Passport.
2. Police registration form.
3. Resident permit application forms.
4. One two-inch photo with white background.
5. Original Work certificate.
6. Other documents from the company.
*The processing time should be 10-15 business days, depending on which city you are applying in. Please note that the PSB will keep your real passport during this processing period. If you need the actual passport back before the collection date, the Resident Permit will not be granted. After all these process have been completed, you are done and can enjoy your time in China.